Show 0014: Thankful for assembly language

Welcome to Show 0014! All of the folks who tried to reach me this time were wanting to know when the next podcast would be out; well, now you know! The maker of BBS: The Documentary is now working on Get Lamp, another documentary about early computing, this time about text adventures–check the trailer out at YouTube. Syndicomm has made GSoft BASIC (the free version) available for download. Tony Diaz, perhaps best known as the leader of the KansasFest committee, has started a new site,, which is a wealth of Apple II information (just as I’d expect from Tony). Ryan Suenaga (yes, your A2Unplugged host) has made his software available on a new Web page and is working on updates to his programs (and maybe a new one or two). GSE-Reactive is now known as Reactive Micro. James Littlejohn unveils a couple of new hardware products. Finally, our main topic: a review of Assembly Language for the Applesoft Programmer.

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