Show 0024: Toolbox Programming in Pascal

Welcome to Show 0024! This time coming to you from Coffee Talk in Kaimuki. Sorry about the unexpected hiatus, but I had lots of hardware issues this past month. In the meantime, Carrington Vanston and 1MHz! return from hiatus before we do. And Tony Diaz’s 16 Sector–well, what’s the mystery? In email, Fred Sanford recommends CiderPress and George has WordPress questions (even though he probably doesn’t know those are WordPress questions). Blatant Plug: WordPress also powers and the neglected! KansasFest approaches. The head of the committee says registration might be open by the end of March? Onto our main topic: Toolbox Programming in Pascal. This book assumes you know Pascal–if you don’t, try Learn to Program in Pascal (and the same for C). Think about your programming references; you’ll need a bunch! We’ll be back!

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