Show 0025: What’s a Resource?

Welcome to Show 0025! Not the best quality, but I’m out of practice. We are -way- overdue this episode! The iBook is dead; long live the MacBook! Mahalo to donations by Gene and John! KansasFest 2008 is coming over at Rockhurst University! Your host may not be able to show up for the first time in over a decadewill be there again, barely. Our main topic: what is a resource? It’s pretty constrained to the IIgs and classic (not modern) Macintosh machines. These computers have files with two parts: a data fork and a resource fork. Eight bit IIs need not apply! Don’t use an eight bit program for file maintenance on a IIgs. You can check out various Apple IIgs resource editors (Foundation, Design Master, or Genesys, which are not in the same league as ResEdit on the Mac) or even Shadowrite or Hermes to do a little snooping around. See you all in awhile!

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