Show 0031: 2008 Year End Review/2009 Year Beginning Preview

Welcome to Show 0031! Our annual year in review/new year preview edition features Andy Molloy and Ken Gagne of Juiced.GS magazine, Sean Fahey of, Tony Diaz of,,, and Eric Shepherd of Syndicomm. Our topics this episode include a review of KansasFest 2008 and preview of KansasFest 2009. We look at new hardware including James Littlejohn‘s LittlePower, AppleLogic‘s work, and 16Sector’s revived products. Ken’s Apple II hardware makes a comeback and we all admire the winner of the eBay auction for a  new in box IIc. While there’s less development in software, Kelvin Sherlock‘s ProFUSE and Java based IIgs assembler are noteworthy. Tony brings back Lost Classics with a huge name, ProTERM 3.1, and we look at emulators like Virtual II, Sweet16, AppleWin, and KEGS, as well as new ones for the Nintendo Wii and DS. A coffee table book from What is the Apple IIgs is discussed. Finally, our picks and plugs include KansasFest, ProTERM 3.1, Virtual Apple, ADTPro, Juiced.GS, the Focus card, the Sirius card,, WordPress, 16Sector, Bit Stampede, and the entire Apple II community.

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