Show 0036: The Past, Present, and Future of Juiced.GS

Welcome to Show 0036! Show notes to follow…

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Written: Jul 4, 2010

Show 0035: 2009 Year End Review/2010 Year Beginning Preview

Welcome to Show 0035! Welcome to our year end 2009/year beginning 2010 show! Very late this year, but we have some of the Apple II world’s best and brightest to comment on 2009’s most important Apple II stories and to give a bit of tribute to Joe Kohn. Welcome Andy Molloy of Juiced.GS, Ken Gagne of Juiced.GS, Sean Fahey of, Tony Diaz of, and Eric Shepherd of Syndicomm. Apologies for the echoing of the host in this episode.

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Written: Apr 6, 2010

Show 0034: Joe Kohn, Rest in Peace

Welcome to Show 0034! This episode dedicated to the memory of the late Joe Kohn of Shareware Solutions II.

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Written: Feb 26, 2010

Show 0033: Mt. KeiraFest Coverage Featuring Andrew Roughan

Welcome to Show 0033! In this episode, noted Apple II programmer Andrew Roughan (best known right now for his work with the Marinetti Open Source Project, aka MOSP), tells us about the first Mt. KeiraFest, an Apple II gathering held in Australia that coincides with the long running KansasFest conference in the United States. Thanks for listening!

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Written: Sep 20, 2009

Show 0032: Live from KansasFest 2009!

Welcome to Show 0032! Recorded live at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, this episode of A2Unplugged fills us in on the happenings at the in-progress KansasFest 2009, recording with an open microphone and in the irc chat room. Guests this episode include Andy Molloy from Juiced.GS magazine and the KansasFest committee, noted Apple II programmer and owner and operator of Syndicomm Eric Shepherd, and official KansasFest Tweeter Kirk Mitchell.

This KansasFest was filled to the brim with 25 sessions, including after dinner and two session tracks on Saturday, including Vince Briel’s Replica-1 workshop. It was also filled with new attendees (20% of attendees were first time KFesters) and new products (including the Apple II VGA Card, Sweet 16 2.0 and 2.1, two new NDAs and four new CD-ROM projects from Sheppy,a new Marinetti FAQ and two new DAs from A2Unplugged’s own Ryan Suenaga, a wall calendar and a new volume from Juiced.GS, and a MP3 player prototype by Vince Briel. KansasFest was being Tweeted and otherwise reported on by Kirk Mitchell. Also discussed were the keynote by Jason Scott of and Ivan’s IIe card session.

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Written: Jul 25, 2009

Show 0031: 2008 Year End Review/2009 Year Beginning Preview

Welcome to Show 0031! Our annual year in review/new year preview edition features Andy Molloy and Ken Gagne of Juiced.GS magazine, Sean Fahey of, Tony Diaz of,,, and Eric Shepherd of Syndicomm. Our topics this episode include a review of KansasFest 2008 and preview of KansasFest 2009. We look at new hardware including James Littlejohn‘s LittlePower, AppleLogic‘s work, and 16Sector’s revived products. Ken’s Apple II hardware makes a comeback and we all admire the winner of the eBay auction for a  new in box IIc. While there’s less development in software, Kelvin Sherlock‘s ProFUSE and Java based IIgs assembler are noteworthy. Tony brings back Lost Classics with a huge name, ProTERM 3.1, and we look at emulators like Virtual II, Sweet16, AppleWin, and KEGS, as well as new ones for the Nintendo Wii and DS. A coffee table book from What is the Apple IIgs is discussed. Finally, our picks and plugs include KansasFest, ProTERM 3.1, Virtual Apple, ADTPro, Juiced.GS, the Focus card, the Sirius card,, WordPress, 16Sector, Bit Stampede, and the entire Apple II community.

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Written: Jan 25, 2009

Show 0030: Catching Up with Burger Becky Heineman

Welcome to Show 0030! I’ve had all kinds of issues getting this show out, and if you’re interested you can read my personal blog (if you’re not, ignore this!). Email this episode from Charlie, Antoine, and Rob (thanks, gang!). A new Apple II blog has surfaced, and where in the world is Carrington Vanston (to be fair, I’m just as tardy as the Big, Bad, Bald Canadian)? In this episode, the most request interview subject in the history of Apple II podcastion: Burger Bill Becky Heineman!

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Written: Dec 24, 2008

Show 0029: Sweet 16 2.0 Public Beta

Welcome to Show 0029! Overlapping audio fixed (I hate Audacity some days). Welcome to our post Labor Day edition! Our voicemail hotline is still down back up thanks to Sprint (but no thanks to AT&T). Much mahalo to Wayne and Mark with donations this episode; we couldn’t do A2Unplugged without help from our listeners! We receive email from Rob and Cindy for this show–yes, show notes are an issue. We cover the sad news that A.P.P.L.E. legend Val Golding passed away in July. Your host finally gets a program out the door–Bitly CDA is released!

Our main topic this episode: Sweet16 2.0b178 public beta 2! And one last bit of a rant on SHOUTING in IRC at people who are trying to help you… see you all in awhile!

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Written: Sep 1, 2008

Show 0028: KansasFest 2008 Wrap Up

Welcome to Show 0028! Voicemail is down! Email from John this episode–we hope you can come to KansasFest too and thanks for the kind words. Our main topic–KansasFest 2008 coverage: on Tuesday after Piekop Endropov service we hit Sweet Tomatoes, hang out, and write tons of code.

Wednesday’s agenda includes HackFest opening (thanks to Ken Gagne of Juiced.GS, Eric “Sheppy” Shepherd of Syndicomm, and Dr. Steven Weyhrich of for judging!), KFest Kookout (Kirk Mitchell, King of the Kooks), registration (nice purple green shirts, Ken), Lane Roath‘s awesome keynote harking back to his Softdisk days, Rob Walch of Today in iPhone‘s follow up on last year’s session, dinner, and the PizzaFest reception courtesy of Syndicomm and Juiced.GS (mahalo to Sheppy and Ken!), as well as the usual hanging out.

Thursday’s deal–Steve W. (not -that- Steve W) digitizes videos and photos, our other doc, Stavros, gives a tutorial on the Apple II Monitor, your A2Unplugged host runs a session on blogging for (lots of) fun and (very little) profit (best way to make a small fortune blogging is to start off with a large fortune!)–some video of me and other sessions are on YouTube–lunch, Bruce Baker taking us through Softdisk’s library of games, James Littlejohn of 8 Bit System on CAD for Apple II hardware, Sheppy demos Sweet16 and discusses developing Apple II software using Sweet16 (lots of new features!), followed by War Games 25th Anniversary showing–when the projector wasn’t crashing–or working on HackFest projects!

Friday featured Margaret Anderson on HyperCard IIgs (see her interactive fiction article in Volume 11, Issue 4 of Juiced.GS!), Geoff Weiss on ZFS (no monkeying around with this ape free file system!), Tony Diaz on 16 Sector (hardware available again–Sirius RAM cards and Focus drive controllers), lunch, more digitizing with Dr. Steve (audio this time), Tony and your host on Internet Anywhere (There’s Cell Phone Coverage) using a (possibly absolutely awful) phone, USB modem, and maybe a Cradlepoint router, and Sheppy programming Shepfari for the iPhone in less than 1/2 hour and a page worth of code. Friday night brings us the banquet and door prizes followed by an Apple Store run (Leawood store rocks! T shirts for KFest attendees!), Krispy KremeFest, and Independence Day RiffTrax style.

Saturday features announcements and demos from me, 8 Bit System and Reactive Micro (Little Control Panel, Double Seven, Little Expander Plus), Geoff Weiss (Hash Toolset update and MegaMemory memory tester), Ken Gagne and Russ Nielson reclassify Esprit de Apple Corps as freeware and Ken announces that Juiced.GS will continue on, Ken demos FaceBook including the Apple II Enthusiast group, your host wins HackFest with the Bitly CDA (barely) over Margaret’s Game Menu in HyperCard, we eat yet again, attend the vendor fair, head off to K.C. Masterpiece (Free WiFi!–well, from McDonald’s).

Finally, Sunday (or was it still Saturday–is it the next day if you don’t sleep?) was departure day; hope we can see you all at KansasFest in 2009 (no dates yet, but hopefully Rockhurst University will work things out with the committee soon). And much mahalo to Kirk for not only rooming with me for nine freaking long years but for finding my lost key!

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Written: Jul 30, 2008

Show 0027: Marinetti Programming Primer

Welcome to Show 0027! Sorry for the delay; prepping for KansasFest 2008. This time around, we got a donation from Doug–thanks! We also got another piece of email from Rob–Rob says thanks for the new episodes and the attempt to stay on a regular schedule (thanks for the kind words!). Some news: has returned from its technical issues–one change: to chat, use, not the old server address of plain ole’; is now also @a2central on Twitter (and if you care, I’m @rsuenaga on Twitter). What’s Twitter? Hard to explain, but you may find out about it on the Apple II in about a month! Onto our main topic: programming for Marinetti. See you all later!

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Written: Jun 23, 2008

No A2Unplugged This Week

Tons going on and trying to get my project ready for KansasFest 2008. We hope to return next week.

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Written: Jun 2, 2008

Show 0026: Rez, Rez, Rez

Welcome to Show 0026! Our Memorial Day episode. Your host will be showing up for KansasFest 2008 and he plans on not sucking again this year. Our topic this week is Rez, Apple’s resource compiler, the way you create resources on your Apple IIgs. It’s a programming language that’s somewhat like C (I still hate C!). Lesson three of Toolbox Programming in Pascal is all about Rez. Go ahead and keep reusing whatever Rez code you come up with in your new projects; it’ll save you a ton of time! We’ll be back in a bit.

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Written: May 27, 2008

Show 0025: What’s a Resource?

Welcome to Show 0025! Not the best quality, but I’m out of practice. We are -way- overdue this episode! The iBook is dead; long live the MacBook! Mahalo to donations by Gene and John! KansasFest 2008 is coming over at Rockhurst University! Your host may not be able to show up for the first time in over a decadewill be there again, barely. Our main topic: what is a resource? It’s pretty constrained to the IIgs and classic (not modern) Macintosh machines. These computers have files with two parts: a data fork and a resource fork. Eight bit IIs need not apply! Don’t use an eight bit program for file maintenance on a IIgs. You can check out various Apple IIgs resource editors (Foundation, Design Master, or Genesys, which are not in the same league as ResEdit on the Mac) or even Shadowrite or Hermes to do a little snooping around. See you all in awhile!

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Written: May 19, 2008

Show 0024: Toolbox Programming in Pascal

Welcome to Show 0024! This time coming to you from Coffee Talk in Kaimuki. Sorry about the unexpected hiatus, but I had lots of hardware issues this past month. In the meantime, Carrington Vanston and 1MHz! return from hiatus before we do. And Tony Diaz’s 16 Sector–well, what’s the mystery? In email, Fred Sanford recommends CiderPress and George has WordPress questions (even though he probably doesn’t know those are WordPress questions). Blatant Plug: WordPress also powers and the neglected! KansasFest approaches. The head of the committee says registration might be open by the end of March? Onto our main topic: Toolbox Programming in Pascal. This book assumes you know Pascal–if you don’t, try Learn to Program in Pascal (and the same for C). Think about your programming references; you’ll need a bunch! We’ll be back!

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Written: Mar 11, 2008

Show 0023: A IIgs Toolbox Programming Primer

Welcome to Show 0023! This episode we have listener email from Rob (twice) and Alaine (once), the latter requesting we track down Mike Westerfield of Byteworks for an interview. We also have the return of voicemail from Rocky, this time wanting to know more about Tower of Myraglen and the AppleIIGo Java based IIe emulator. We move on to our main topic of the episode: a Toolbox programming primer: you’ll want Opus ][ (and its included Programmer’s Reference to System 6.0 and 6.0.1) as well as Toolbox Reference Volumes 1, 2, and 3 and a hexadecimal calculator to get cracking on this one. Back soon!

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Written: Feb 4, 2008

Show 0021: Pick a Language, Any Language

Welcome to Show 0021! If you’re going to be programming the Apple IIgs, you have a choice of programming languages; all have pros and cons, although your best choices would be between assembler, C, Pascal, and maybe BASIC. We’re definitely going to keep looking at this in coming shows, but coming up next will be our annual year end/year beginning show.

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Written: Jan 8, 2008

Show 0020: Getting Started Programming the IIgs

Welcome to Show 0020! If you’re interested in programming the Apple IIgs, you probably want to get your hands on a copy of Opus II, still the best programming deal in the Apple II world. You’ll also need to get access to a bunch of documentation, also available from our buddies at Syndicomm.We’ll keep covering this subject in coming weeks.

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Written: Jan 2, 2008

Show 0019: Twin Sons of Different Mothers

Welcome to Show 0019! Mele Kalikimaka, all. This episodes looks at two different books with the same name: Using AppleWorks GS (the white edition) and Using AppleWorks GS (the black edition). Back in a week!

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Written: Dec 25, 2007

Show 0018: Inside ProDOS Inside and Out

Welcome to Show 0018! Like previous episodes, this show is all about a book, in this case, ProDOS Inside and Out by Dennis Doms and Tom Weishaar. Happy (almost) holidays, everyone.

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Written: Dec 17, 2007

Show 0017: Underneath Beneath Apple ProDOS

Welcome to Show 0017! Email from Rob and Rob; one of the Robs warns us about using MSN Shopping to find a copy of Assembly Lines (unfortunately the copy he saw for sale is now gone, as is the page it was on). Simon writes in about the Retrochallenge Winter Warm-Up. A2Unplugged‘s Web site is redesigned–did you notice? If you like it, consider buying me a beer! The topic of this week’s podcast is a review of Beneath Apple ProDOS, which is supposed to be freely available; is it a lost Lost Classic? And hey, Carrington, are you out there somewhere?

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Written: Dec 11, 2007