A2Unplugged to Return From Hiatus Soon

Sorry about the delays again; this time after a few weeks of being on call, I had a major hardware failure. New MacBook is on the way, but until then I’m rather limited in what I can do. However, I hope that all changes within the next week.

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Written: Apr 28, 2008

No A2Unplugged This Week

Sorry, I’m on call this week and working nine straight days starting today. Was hoping to get one squeezed in tonight but that just didn’t happen… will be back hopefully next Wednesday!

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Written: Mar 17, 2008

Show 0024: Toolbox Programming in Pascal

Welcome to Show 0024! This time coming to you from Coffee Talk in Kaimuki. Sorry about the unexpected hiatus, but I had lots of hardware issues this past month. In the meantime, Carrington Vanston and 1MHz! return from hiatus before we do. And Tony Diaz’s 16 Sector–well, what’s the mystery? In email, Fred Sanford recommends CiderPress and George has WordPress questions (even though he probably doesn’t know those are WordPress questions). Blatant Plug: WordPress also powers and the neglected! KansasFest approaches. The head of the committee says registration might be open by the end of March? Onto our main topic: Toolbox Programming in Pascal. This book assumes you know Pascal–if you don’t, try Learn to Program in Pascal (and the same for C). Think about your programming references; you’ll need a bunch! We’ll be back!

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Written: Mar 11, 2008

A2Unplugged About To Return from Hiatus

If I’m lucky (which I haven’t been for a long time now), the RAM module for my iBook comes back before Sunday and a new A2Unplugged gets recorded this weekend. That was the warranty return from someplace warm…

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Written: Mar 5, 2008

A2Unplugged on Hiatus

Unexpectedly, A2Unplugged is on hiatus due to equipment issues. Sorry… at least a week or two before I can get everything fixed.

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Written: Feb 14, 2008

Show 0023: A IIgs Toolbox Programming Primer

Welcome to Show 0023! This episode we have listener email from Rob (twice) and Alaine (once), the latter requesting we track down Mike Westerfield of Byteworks for an interview. We also have the return of voicemail from Rocky, this time wanting to know more about Tower of Myraglen and the AppleIIGo Java based IIe emulator. We move on to our main topic of the episode: a Toolbox programming primer: you’ll want Opus ][ (and its included Programmer’s Reference to System 6.0 and 6.0.1) as well as Toolbox Reference Volumes 1, 2, and 3 and a hexadecimal calculator to get cracking on this one. Back soon!

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Written: Feb 4, 2008

No A2Unplugged this Week

Sorry, just too busy right now… we hope to return next week!

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Written: Jan 28, 2008

Show 0022: 2007 Year End Review/2008 Year Beginning Preview

Welcome to Show 0022! Thanks to our special guests Kaycie Lyn, Eric “Sheppy” Shepherd of Syndicomm, Ken Gagne of Juiced.GS, and Sean Fahey of as we discuss what happened in the Apple II world in 2007 and what we can look forward to in 2008.

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Written: Jan 19, 2008

Show 0021: Pick a Language, Any Language

Welcome to Show 0021! If you’re going to be programming the Apple IIgs, you have a choice of programming languages; all have pros and cons, although your best choices would be between assembler, C, Pascal, and maybe BASIC. We’re definitely going to keep looking at this in coming shows, but coming up next will be our annual year end/year beginning show.

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Written: Jan 8, 2008

Show 0020: Getting Started Programming the IIgs

Welcome to Show 0020! If you’re interested in programming the Apple IIgs, you probably want to get your hands on a copy of Opus II, still the best programming deal in the Apple II world. You’ll also need to get access to a bunch of documentation, also available from our buddies at Syndicomm.We’ll keep covering this subject in coming weeks.

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Written: Jan 2, 2008

Show 0019: Twin Sons of Different Mothers

Welcome to Show 0019! Mele Kalikimaka, all. This episodes looks at two different books with the same name: Using AppleWorks GS (the white edition) and Using AppleWorks GS (the black edition). Back in a week!

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Written: Dec 25, 2007

Show 0018: Inside ProDOS Inside and Out

Welcome to Show 0018! Like previous episodes, this show is all about a book, in this case, ProDOS Inside and Out by Dennis Doms and Tom Weishaar. Happy (almost) holidays, everyone.

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Written: Dec 17, 2007

Show 0017: Underneath Beneath Apple ProDOS

Welcome to Show 0017! Email from Rob and Rob; one of the Robs warns us about using MSN Shopping to find a copy of Assembly Lines (unfortunately the copy he saw for sale is now gone, as is the page it was on). Simon writes in about the Retrochallenge Winter Warm-Up. A2Unplugged‘s Web site is redesigned–did you notice? If you like it, consider buying me a beer! The topic of this week’s podcast is a review of Beneath Apple ProDOS, which is supposed to be freely available; is it a lost Lost Classic? And hey, Carrington, are you out there somewhere?

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Written: Dec 11, 2007

Show 0016: Assembly Lines

Welcome to show 0016! This episode is all about Assembly Lines: the book by Roger Wagner. See ya all in another week…

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Written: Dec 3, 2007

New A2Unplugged… tomorrow?

I was hoping I’d have a new episode out tonight, but that wasn’t to be; so check this site out tomorrow at this time and hopefully it’ll be out then. In the meantime, you can check out the new domain for my software page ( or my new personal finance blog as well at!

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Written: Dec 3, 2007

A2Unplugged facelift

I just installed a new theme for this site (well, I installed it in the last few hours). It still keeps the black and red color scheme but is a bit more modern and allows me to use some WordPress add ons I couldn’t with the previous theme. Hope folks like it!

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Written: Dec 2, 2007

Show 0015: Get Info on Apple2.Info

Welcome to Show 0015! Everything in this episode is about, the new Web site from Tony Diaz, world famous Apple II hardware expert and leader of the KansasFest committee.

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Written: Nov 29, 2007

Happy American Thanksgiving

For those of you in the states (or from the states but not here for whatever reason), happy American Thanksgiving from A2Unplugged.

For those of you not in or from the states, well, have a nice Thursday!

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Written: Nov 22, 2007

Show 0014: Thankful for assembly language

Welcome to Show 0014! All of the folks who tried to reach me this time were wanting to know when the next podcast would be out; well, now you know! The maker of BBS: The Documentary is now working on Get Lamp, another documentary about early computing, this time about text adventures–check the trailer out at YouTube. Syndicomm has made GSoft BASIC (the free version) available for download. Tony Diaz, perhaps best known as the leader of the KansasFest committee, has started a new site,, which is a wealth of Apple II information (just as I’d expect from Tony). Ryan Suenaga (yes, your A2Unplugged host) has made his software available on a new Web page and is working on updates to his programs (and maybe a new one or two). GSE-Reactive is now known as Reactive Micro. James Littlejohn unveils a couple of new hardware products. Finally, our main topic: a review of Assembly Language for the Applesoft Programmer.

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Written: Nov 21, 2007

Welcome AdSense

No, I’m not necessarily a huge fan of advertising, but in an experiment, I put some Google AdSense ads onto this (and my other) sites to see if it does anything for the bottom line.

In news that will probably be seen in a brighter light, I’m about to commence recording a new episode. Like, five minutes from now.

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Written: Nov 18, 2007